Kingdom Herbal Centre began as a small corner shop on the Drugs Lane in Okaishie, Accra, as a one man manned shop. Due to sound management, effective promotion, and hard work, the company has grown to what it is today with branches over parts of the country.

Under the present management, the company has managed to acquire delivery vans to supply its ever growing clientelle.

Besides its famous local herbal products it supplies, it supplies other potent hebal products imported from counties such as UK. It does not only import but exports the herbal products too to countries such as Nigeria, to mention a few.

Kingdom Herbal now employs over 100 staff to man its shops all over the country to provide excellent customer services. These are highly trained to meet your every need when you visit any of their centres. For the closest centre near you, visit the locations page.

Kingdom Herbal centre is doing all it can to keep its share of the Herbal products market and hopefully increase that share by introducing new stock of effective herbal products on its shelves and are difficult to come by else where.

For import/export, distribution, and sales information, do not hesitate to call personally at any of our centres or call us on 0302 688 513 / 0302 681 984.